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Christmas Market at the Blokhuispoort

The former medieval prison is transformed into a delightful Christmas market. Wander around, enjoy the Christmas atmosphere and enjoy delicious snacks and mulled wine.

  • 16 - 17 Dec 2017
  • Blokhuispoort

Mata Hari, the myth and the girl

On October 14, 2017, one hundred years after her death, the Frisian Museum opens the largest Mata Hari exhibition to date. You get to know Margaretha Zelle, the girl behind the iconic Mata Hari, through her personal belongings, photographs, scrapbooks, letters, and military files. Join her on her journey from her birth place Leeuwarden to the Dutch East Indies, where fate stalks her. Experience her glorious rise in the Parisian dance theatres and discover the web of intrigue that ensnares her during the First World War.

  • 14 Oct 2017 - 02 Apr 2018
  • Fries Museum

Experiment on Ice

What happens when (figure) skaters and artists meet in the skating rink and go on a joined journey of discovery... That is exactly what ‘Experiment on Ice’ is all about. The foundation ‘Stichting Beleef en Herinner’ initiated the organisation of a unique experiment in cooperation with the Media Art Festival, the Blokhuispoort, and the Elfstedenhal. The experiment researches the possible combination of (figure) skaters and artists, with the skating rink as their stage. What will happen when you bring together a light artist and a skater or a musician, or a dancer and a skater? The experiment’s essence is the multidisciplinary process that will inspire both artists and (figure) skaters to think and do ‘differently’ and where the skating rink plays the central role. Some creative skaters from all across the world are itching to participate in the experiment. Participants from Germany, France, and the USA have already signed up, but there are also some local Frisian skaters who are enthusiastic to join. Most of the involved artists are associated with the Media Art Festival. This means that the participants’ base will not just be multidisciplinary but also international. The experimental process will take place on the 14th and 15th of December 2017 and is facilitated by the Elfstedenhal in Leeuwarden. The final results will be presented multiple times on 16 December 2017, on the first day of the Christmas market in the Blokhuispoort in Leeuwarden where a skating rink will be installed. The skating rink will naturally also be open to the public.

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  • 14 - 16 Dec 2017
  • Elfstedenhal

Media Art Festival 2017

Step into the magical world of modern media art and discover the most beautiful and exciting pieces of media art by recently graduated media artists from the Netherlands and beyond. Be surprised by experimental sound art, intriguing movies, and colourful interactive installations. Enjoy the festival’s many performances, workshops, movie nights, and lectures or come visit the MAF pub. This year, you will find MAF at a unique location at Snekertrekweg 1 in Leeuwarden. See you there!

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  • 07 - 16 Dec 2017
  • Snekertrekweg 1