AkzoNobel Honeysuckle Blue(s) Garden

Blokhuisplein 40 | Blokhuisplein 40 | 8911 LJ Leeuwarden

In 2016 Farm of the World took part in the Chelsea Flower Show with a special garden called Honeysuckle Blue(s) Garden. Claudy Jongstra designed a radically different kind of garden than what is normally seen at the Olympic Games of garden shows. The Honeysuckle Blue(s) Garden was a paint plants garden that reflected Jongstra’s work as an artist. The garden was awarded the Silver-Gilt medal in the Fresh Gardens category.

The Honeysuckle Blue(s) Garden was intended as a plea for the preservation of biodiversity and of natural and cultural heritage. The paint crop garden showed not only the beauty of plants such as stinging nettle, walnut and onions, but also the power of the colours they produce when they are transformed into natural dyes.

In 2018, the Honeysuckle Blue(s) Garden will be reconstructed in one of the courtyards of the Blokhuispoort, along with a presentation on the concept of Farm of the World and the work of Claudy Jongstra. This gives visitors the unique opportunity to see and experience the award-winning garden up close over the course of six months.

Opening times

31/03/2018 tot 29/09/2018
Monday 09:00 tot 23:00 uur
Tuesday 09:00 tot 23:00 uur
Wednesday 09:00 tot 23:00 uur
Thursday 09:00 tot 23:00 uur
Friday 09:00 tot 23:00 uur
Saturday 09:00 tot 23:00 uur
Sunday 09:00 tot 23:00 uur