The Giants of Royal de Luxe

| | Leeuwarden
Pictures: © Royal de Luxe, Artcompress, Pascal Victor

The Giants of Royal de Luxe: a mega theatre for young and old

Colossal, beautiful and extremely impressive: street theatre company Royal de Luxe and their iconic Giants will come to Leeuwarden, all the way from France. Creatures so high they tower over office buildings!

Over the course of three days, these awe-inspiring, fifteen-metre Giants walk the streets of Leeuwarden. Hundreds of volunteers form a ribbon through the city to make sure the Giants are able to proceed their march. Dozens of assistants hang on trapezes and ropes in order to move the feet forward. Believe us when we say this will truly be memorable.

Sleeping in public space
The Giants rise far above the rooftops and take different routes, all the while portraying a unique story that finds its inspiration from Friesland. The Giants take a power-nap during their lunch break and stay out in public overnight. Walk alongside them during the day, visit them at night, listen to their deep breaths, and join them for a cosy breakfast. And don’t worry, they won’t eat you!

Dutch premiere
Royal de Luxe is undoubtedly the most well-known street theatre company in the world. Their Giants travelled a great many kilometres, performing in Canada, Mexico, Chile and Iceland. After metropolises such as Barcelona, Berlin and London, the Giants make their Dutch premiere right here in Leeuwarden.

International highlight
The Giants amaze and marvel everyone, aged young and old. Those who have already seen them, secretly wish they could stay for good. But these Giants are meant to roam, so be sure to get the most out of this already unforgettable highlight of Leeuwarden-Friesland 2018. A three-day monstrous delight!

Opening times

17/08/2018 tot 19/08/2018

The exact time and routes of The Giants are announced a week in advance