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The story of Leeuwarden? It is told by all those people who have left traces behind in the city. DNALWD2018 is collecting all those stories. Everyone who is connected in some way to Leeuwarden can contribute some of their DNA. Not real DNA, of course,  but instead something connected to our city or yourself. A personal story, object, photo or mini-artwork. Anything is possible, as long as it fits in one test tube.

All this creative DNA will become one huge artwork. Ten thousand tubes that describe our differences, as well as what connects us: Leeuwarden. This DNA artwork can be seen in the Municipal Offices from 2018.  At www.dnalwd2018.nl, your DNA will be stored digitally so that you, or someone else, can always find it. Not just now,  but far into the future. This means we can all contribute to the story of all of us.

Want to take part?

Collect your test tube from the Municipal Offices, Leeuwarden Library, or from the Historisch Centrum Leeuwarden (HCL). Or maybe you will be given a tube at school or elsewhere. You fill the tube with items that are important to you:  a story, a poem, a drawing from childhood, or a photo of the house where you were born.  Anything is possible, as long as it fits in one test tube. You can even share audio files, photos and videos via the website. Register online with the unique number and barcode printed on your tube. You can explain about your DNA and answer a few questions on your personal web page. The questions include: what language do you speak, what club are you a fan of, and where do you come from? You then hand in the tube to one of the (same) collection points. And as a result, you will be contributing to the total story and the artwork.

DNALWD2018 is the brainchild of Hein de Graaf, Joop Zwart and Marijke Tiemersma.

Where & when

Test tubes can be collected from the Municipal Offices, Leeuwarden Library and HCL. The artwork can be seen in the Municipal Offices from 2018.


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