The Great Black-tailed Godwit Theatre

Natuurmuseum Fryslân | Schoenmakersperk 2 | 8911 EM Leeuwarden | +31 582332244 |
In previous years, visitors to the Friesland Museum of Nature have been introduced to the king of the meadow: the black-tailed godwit. Through, for example, the Great Black-tailed Godwit Race during the 2014 spring holidays and More flowers in the meadow make godwits happy! in 2015. All these activities serve as a prelude to the great exhibition in 2018. It's finally here: the black-tailed godwit returns in The Great Black-tailed Godwit Theatre in the courtyard of the Friesland Museum of Nature.

The Great Black-tailed Godwit Theatre is a collaboration with King of the Meadows. This civic initiative draws attention to the future of the meadow and cultural landscape, all the life and work involved in and around it, including our grassland birds. It is a club of committed and enthusiastic doers who chose a new, multidisciplinary approach in order to lay bare and secure the future of the meadow.

The concept of this unique experience is at the hands of Theun Mosk. Mosk studied at the Theatre School in Amsterdam and the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. He creates designs for (music) theatre, opera, dance, exhibitions and also makes autonomous installations.

The Great Black-tailed Godwit Theatre takes the world of the black-tailed godwit as the starting point. Small spaces become different experiences and are focused on how one perceives his or her environment. This is far from your average exhibition. Experience what it’s like to be a black-tailed godwit, perceive the world he lives in and put your senses to the test.


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€ 9,00

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26/01/2018 tot 02/09/2018
Monday 10:00 tot 17:00 uur
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Closed: 1 January, 27 April, 5 May and 25 December