Ruiterskwartier 41 | Ruiterskwartier 41 | 8911 BP Leeuwarden

Step into the unknown world of HOLSTMEER, a confrontational and riveting trilogy, played by the girls from Fier! and the inmates of the Leeuwarden prison. Locations that are invisible to most people, but whose anonymous residents form an important part of the community.

The young residents of Fier! have had to deal with violence in dependent relationships. The inmates reside a few hundred metres further up. Perpetrators and victims live on the outskirts of the city, close to each other but strictly separated by walls and locks. They’re opening their doors on the Holstmeerweg this one time - each in their own environment - and the residents of these closed worlds are literally and figuratively bringing the public inside.

Three worlds, one story

Two actors together with the staff of Fier and the prison take the public through the complexes. In Fier, the girls tell their story in ‘Catwalk’. The inmates perform 'In my head I am free' in the gymnasium of the prison, in order for the public to end up at the police station for the last part of the trilogy. A building, serving as legal enforcement and protector, that stands almost symbolically between the two institutions and where the stories of the residents come together. This is where the actors perform the last part of the trilogy: 'Weg!' Inspired by the experiences of the girls and the men and written by Bouke Oldenhof.

Perpetrator and victim

Desire, truth and fantasy are interwoven in HOLSTMEER and invisible people become visible. What does it mean to lose your freedom or to regain it? What dreams and missed or new opportunities live behind the doors of Holstmeer? How do you lose your way and how do you step back into a life of freedom?

A unique theatre project in which the border between perpetrator and victim is blurred for a moment, and something that the players and public will remember for a long time.

  1. Fier is a national expertise and treatment centre dealing with violence in dependent relationships.

  2. PI Leeuwarden is both a house of detention and a prison.

Opening times

Saturday 18:00 tot 21:30 uur
Wednesday 18:00 tot 21:30 uur
Friday 18:00 tot 21:30 uur
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Wednesday 18:00 tot 21:30 uur
Wednesday 18:00 tot 21:30 uur
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