Iepen UP Live

Neushoorn | Ruiterskwartier 41 | 8911 BP Leeuwarden

Bursting a filter bubble every week

A room full of heavy metal fans who talk about sexism in their scene. Is that real? Yep. Anything can happen in the weekly talk show Iepen Up at the Neushoorn music venue.

Curator and host Jacco de Boer combines a body full of tattoos with the Christian faith, a love for metal with loving tunes, a metropolitan mindset with a soft spot for the countryside and many more apparent contradictions. He makes a good combination with anthropologist Matthea de Jong (including Movies that Matter). They are both fascinated by subcultures and differences. That’s why they’re presenting a weekly programme from the end of 2017 that can really go in any direction, as long as it’s towards each other.

‘We might talk about Trump, racism and other current events one time, and talk about a topic from the social agenda another time. How do we live together? Which sub-groups are there in our city? And how do we ensure that they meet more often and better understand each other?’

You don’t have open discussions in a closed room with velvet curtains and a dried-up bouquet of flowers on the table. We livestream through the regional broadcasting company Omrop Fryslân from the Neushoorn. Anyone can stop by and join in. And anyone doesn’t just mean rows full of smooth-talking political types, but really anyone.

Opening times

03/01/2018 tot 01/01/2019
Wednesday 20:00 tot 23:00 uur