Tattoo & Ceramics

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Tattoo artists and ceramists have a lot in common. Both practise ancient crafts. Both tattoos and ceramics are highly valued forms of art from Europe to Asia. And they may have more similarities than you might think. It is easy to make a mistake and very hard to correct one, sometimes even impossible. Tattoos last forever, which is actually also true for ceramics. Both are cherished for a lifetime.

Tattoo & Ceramics joins the two crafts together. Leading tattoo artists work on a new subsurface: porcelain. The selected tattoo artists all have their own unique style and technique, from a so-called ‘hand poke’ artist with Norse mythological designs to the English Expanded Eye duo that uses straight lines to make their extensive avantgarde compositions. The artists will apply their expertise to the decoration of several sets of china. The results are on show from 2 June 2018 onwards in the Princessehof Ceramics Museum.


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