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Welcome to The Village

Whatever works in a festival can also work in real life

One of the most durable festival villages of Europe can be found in recreation area the Groene Ster near Leeuwarden. With national and international top acts from the music, art, innovation and theatre worlds, Welcome to The Village parties and builds upon the world of the future, a world that works. Franz Ferdinand, dEUS and Club Guy & Roni already formed part of Welcome to The Village in the past. An event you definitely do not want to miss!

With more than seventy acts, the area morphs into the most magical festival of Europe during Welcome to The Village. The festival party is unlike any other, filled with heaps of wonderful events. On a vast festival site, artists, musicians, cooks and startups set up a programme that encourages healthy debates and further thinking. The festival as a temporary companionship, a mini-society.

A world that works
Welcome to The Village is a three-day feast that also features a serious undertone, like what our world could potentially look like in five to fifty years. Hard work is being done on finding solutions for the future by innovation projects such as DORP and later on the festival site itself. The idea stems from the notion that if a new idea or prototype works during a festival, it should also work in the ‘real world’. Hundreds of students, musicians, artists, volunteers, designers, scientists and festival visitors strive towards a better world each year and a full circular festival in 2022.

Everyone’s involved
The festival works together with many local caterers and farmers, sets up their own podiums, and makes up the festival blueprint with people who attend activity centres and seniors. Because during Welcome to The Village, everyone’s involved.

Opening times

19/07/2018 tot 21/07/2018

Exacte tijden volgen nog.