Grand Café Wouters

Sophialaan 5 | 8911 AE Leeuwarden | +31 58 - 213 36 68 |
Where can you still find delicious whipped cream with your coffee, freshly prepared dishes, choice wines and beers? That’s right, at Grand Café Wouters in Leeuwarden. We are convinced hospitality and quality is in the details. And that is exactly what we offer our guests. Grand Café Wouters is unique in its available options and practical location. We want every guest to feel at home, whether you are from Friesland or just passing through. We achieve this by emphasising hospitality. The cosy ambiance of the café makes Wouters accesible to everyone. Come on by and taste the ambiance; we call ourselves Leeuwarden’s living room for a reason!


Opening times

Open Monday through Saturday from 10:00, available on Sundays for private parties