Alddiel Bed & Breakfast

Alddiel 12 | 8926 XB Leeuwarden | +31 653372703 |
Alddiel B&B is located in the Groene Ster in Leeuwarden and has two spacious 2-person guest rooms. The terrain is 30 ares large and the yard has multiple lounging places. Our philosophy is that everything is communal, especially the garden. Want to sit with us? No problem, but it is also possible to have a bit of privacy. There is more than enough space. It is indicated which areas are truly private. We have a fire pit in the back of the garden: staring into the flames on a nice summer evening. We have a terrace with a heater at the front of the house, on the waterside, where you can converse while having a drink, croaking frogs as background sound. You can enjoy your summer evening and have a barbeque even when it is raining by sitting under the carport.


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