See you in 2018!

With Leeuwarden-Friesland as the 2018 European Capital of Culture, there’s never been a better time for a great vacation in Friesland. The addition of festivals, exhibitions, performances and events will provide a fantastic boost for the Frisian landscape, both in the cities and the countryside and along the Wadden coast and the islands.

Imagine the unknown, be surprised by the mysterious and experience for yourself what the biggest event in Friesland’s rich history means. 2018 will be special - with music, theatre, concerts, a major spectacle, landscape art, opera, sports and experience. The Frisians, Dutch and Europeans will roll up their sleeves and work on issues that are important for future generations.

The programme

We’ll announce our full programme on 5 October 2017, but we’re giving you a little glimpse now just to pique your curiosity.

The European Capital of Culture year begins with a brilliant opening in the province on 26, 27 and 28 January 2018. The Fries Museum will hold an international exhibition in honour of Mata Hari and M.C. Escher, both from Leeuwarden.  

About 120 Frisian horses will shine in a theatrical spectacle and the Netherlands will experience a first with the arrival of Giants of Royal de Luxe have never been seen in our country before.

In Harlingen, impressive sailing ships will be moored during a literary edition of the Tallships Race. 11Fountains provides Friesland with a permanent Elfstedentocht (Eleven Cities skating tour). Nature in Oranjewoud literally forms the concert hall for classical music lovers. There will be a Grote Grutto Expo and farmers and poets from het Bildt and Malta will exchange potatoes and poetry in Potatoes go Wild. 

Through remarkable landscape art, the Wadden area promises to be a new discovery for culture lovers. Thirty-two churches will hold theatrical productions to bring unknown stories to life and those who want to spend the night under the Frisian stars will sleep in the most beautiful canopy bed. 

Has your curiosity been piqued? Then you definitely have to visit.
Check out our programme here. See you in 2018!