Bierkelders (Beer Cellars)

Bierkade 1 | 8911 JD Leeuwarden | +31 582347550
Once upon a time the boats moored here, and the beer barrels were transhipped. Look at the beautiful old quay on the waterside. Do you want a beer? Then you are also in the right place here. There is quite a number of catering establishments, often with terraces, cheers. There were times when drinking beer was much more reliable than drinking water. There was no mains drainage back then, so everything was discharged directly in open water. So, no fresh water! On “Over de Kelders” there were beer cellars located as early as the 18th century. This is where beer was brewed and the barrels were shipped. The lower quay is intended to facilitate the loading and unloading of ships. The cellars are still clearly visible under the street. You'll get there via a staircase. One bridge further, towards the centre, you will find the Naauw. Here you will find the oldest still existing quay walls of Leeuwarden. This is also the smallest nature reserve of Leeuwarden. Special plants species grow here, such as several sorts of maidenhair and cymbalaria.

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