Centraal Apotheek (Central Pharmacy)

Voorstreek 58 | 8911 JS Leeuwarden | +31 58 213 5255
You usually don't visit a pharmacy for fun. At the Centraal Apotheek this is different. This property has been a pharmacy from the start, and has remained one until today. It was built in 1904/1905 in art nouveau style to a design by architect G.B. Broekema. This flowing style with round, organic forms can be seen everywhere in and around the property. The masonry of yellow and red-brown stone is cheerful and playful. The windows have round arches, the wrought-iron balcony fences are gracefully curved. On the fa├žade side on the Voorsteek you'll see a tile panel on which Hygieia, the Greek goddess of health, is depicted. Another special feature is, that almost nothing has changed in all these years; this little palace is still very original.

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