De Sint Bonifatiuskerk (Church)

Bonifatiusplein 20 | 8911 JT Leeuwarden
During a hurricane on January 3rd 1976 the tower of the church got blown off. Fortunately, the tower was restored and you can now look around far and wide from it, resulting in beautiful views. The spire of the tower fell into the garden and during its fall inflicted severe damage to an annex. For years, the tower was in scaffolding, surrounded with billboards. After a period of fundraising the spire was rebuilt. In 1980, the spire was put back on top. The Church is dedicated to Saint Boniface. The St Boniface Church in Leeuwarden was built in 1882/84, to a design by architect P.J.H. Cuypers. The same architect who also built the central station in Amsterdam. He was one of the greatest building masters of the neo-gothic, the new gothic, the style in which this church is executed. The basic form of the church is a cross. It was and is a catholic church. The church is not very old, but it is very beautiful. The interior is richly decorated with painted wall panels, there are five altars, huge stained-glass windows and many special ornaments. The church has two organs. The Adema organ, dating from 1899 and the monumental Cavaillé-Coll organ. The pews come from Cuypers’ studio as well as the pieta. Let yourself be surprised by the beauty of this church. A climb of the tower will be rewarded. Via a stone staircase you to get to the first level, from which you have a marvellous view on the interior of the church. If you climb higher and reach the outside of the tower, Leeuwarden is at your feet, in all its glory.

Opening times

Only Sunday from 11:00 to 12:30.