Oldehoofsterkerkhof 1 1 | 8911 DM Leeuwarden | +31 58-2332350 | historischcentrum@leeuwarden.nl
If you visit Leeuwarden, the icon of the city, the Oldehove, can not to be missed. The Oldehove has been here since 1529 and is even more lopsided than the Tower of Pisa! You can admire it from the inside and out. In 2011 an elevator was built, it brings you to the first floor. From there you will have to restrain the spiral staircase to the roof. Good luck! Once at the top you have a great view of the city. Make a chat with the tower guards. They can you tell anything and everything about the tower and its history.


Opening times

In 2018 the tower is open from the 31th of March until the 28th of October. Hours of operation: Thursday and Friday, 11.00 - 16.00 and Saturday 10.00 - 16.00. There are some exceptions (which are shown on www.oldehove.eu). Occasional group visits by appointment are possible outside the hours of operation. Note: If you have difficulty walking or other health conditions, we recommend you not to climb the tower. The elevator goes up to the first floor.