Escape Room 058

Escape Room 058 | Emmakade 59 | 8921 AG Leeuwarden | +31 611228839 |
“Escape Rooms are a gaming experience where a small team is locked into a closed off thematised room where they have to reach the exit through riddles and puzzles before the time runs out.” Escape Room 058 now has 3 Escape Rooms where we are able to simultaneously receive groups of 2 to 20 people for an unforgettable experience! In cooperation with Leeuwarden City Events, we offer arrangements for up to 42 people. Want to combine this outing with a drink/snack and/or dinner? Together with Pub/Restaurant Paddy O’Ryan we can provide you with a Drink & Bite arrangement, as well as a delicious dinner arrangement. Visit our website for more information on the Escape Rooms, arrangements, and other options. Would you like to contact us directly? Send an email to or call 0611228839. We hope to see you soon! :-)



Group activity
60 minuten

Opening times

Check our website for available time slots and make a reservation based on your preferences.