Theater De Bres Leeuwarden

Schoolstraat 4 | 8911 BH Leeuwarden | +31 582893966 |
Theatre De Bres plays an important role in the heart of the cultural life in Leeuwarden and Friesland. It is a small and intimate theatre, suitable for shows and offers a maximum capacity of 100 people. De Bres is an independent theatre and offers a stage for cabaret, poetry, (acoustic) music, dance and theatre performances. In addition, De Bres makes the building and its facilities available to third parties for activities that fit within its objectives. In Leeuwarden and Friesland De Bres is well known and popular with a broad group. The theatre is very accessible because of its casual atmosphere. The theatre offers opportunities to new talent of all ages in various fields. Recurring fixed events for De Bres are children's theatre, poetry evenings, literary cafe, dance, cabaret, theatre sports. De Bres also offers a stage for bands and choirs in the following types of music: gospel, rock, soul, funk, jazz, salsa and tango, among others, by organizing “Open Stages” for talent in Friesland. De Bres hopes to contribute to the development of these talents. Theatre De Bres has the ambition and looks forward to actively contribute to Cultuurstad 2018 (European cultural city of 2018).

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